2014 Elections

The boss who decides how you are evaluated, the amount of planning time you have, and how much you are paid—as well as nearly every other condition of your profession—is probably not a seasoned veteran of public education.

Your boss, actually your bosses, are the local, county, and state politicians who win on Election Day—no education experience required— they get the job! So, like it or not, your job as an educator is indeed very political because your bosses are politicians. They don’t have to have an education degree, pedagogical training, or any exposure to the complex inner workings of a school building, yet they set your pension, determine class size, fund your contract, mandate student testing, and appoint the people who decide your evaluations.

Education workers are special. Because our bosses are politicians, our struggle as MSEA members isn’t only at the worksite, it’s at the voting booth. While some might see this as a curse, it’s really a blessing—we get to hire our bosses by choosing them on Election Day.

Over the last few election cycles, MSEA members have stepped up in big ways and pro-education candidates with MSEA’s endorsement have won more than 80% of their campaigns.

With the 2014 elections on the horizon, it’s time to work together to elect the bosses we need to help our schools and students succeed. Send an email to campaign2014@mseanea.org to find out how you can help win the 2014 elections that matter most to public education.


Visit MDAppleBallot.com for an easy to use, one-stop-shop to find educator-recommended candidates in your district. Look for many ways to save and share your personalized Apple Ballot on the site!

MSEA Endorses Anthony Brown for Governor

The vote by delegates to the 2013 MSEA Convention followed a comprehensive process that included candidate questionnaires and interviews on a wide range of issues affecting Maryland’s public schools and students, as well as remarks before the RA on October 18. Click here to learn more about the endorsement. Want to compare Lt. Gov. Brown and Republican nominee Larry Hogan's education positions? Click here to check out a handy side by side comparison. 

MSEA's Endorsement Process

Click here to learn more about MSEA's very fair, open, and thorough screening process for recommending candidates to its members and the general public

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Register to vote by filling out the online form from Rock the Vote, or download the Voter Registration Forms in English and Spanish.

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Maryland State Education Association Endorses Anthony Brown for Maryland’s Next Governor

The Maryland State Education Association’s Representative Assembly (RA) voted to endorse Anthony Brown in the race for Maryland’s next governor. Delegates from every county in the state voted on the endorsement during the association’s largest and most diverse meeting of the year.