I Can Do It!

Designed especially for beginning teachers and paraprofessionals, MSEA’s I Can Do It! program demonstrates effective classroom management skills while examining:

  • The elements of effective classroom management
  • Different communications styles and how they relate to 
    student/teacher/parent communication
  • Suggested interventions for difficult behaviors encountered in the classroom
  • Tips that help create a smoothly flowing classroom

The course is designed for beginning teachers and paraprofessionals, but can be useful as a review for veteran teachers.

I Can Do It! is based on a workshop originally developed by the California Teachers Association. The program features classroom videos, advice, and personal stories from experienced mentor teachers, and a simulated parent conference.  The most effective way to participate in this program is with a cohort of new and veteran teachers in your school or district; however, it is also suitable for use by an individual new teacher.

For more information about MSEA’s I Can Do It! program, contact MSEA's School Quality department.


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