What's Happening Now

MSEA, BTU, and Maryland PTA Call for Virtual Start to School Year to Protect Student and Educator Safety

“We must rise above politics and focus on the reality and complexities of safely reopening schools. If we open our schools too quickly and without adequate safety precautions, the result will be that some educators, students, and their family members will contract the coronavirus. Some will recover, some will face debilitating health consequences or healthcare bills that they cannot pay, and some will die. These are stubborn facts. And they are costs and consequences that we must refuse to accept. A perfect solution does not exist. A safe one does," the joint letter reads.

MSEA Statement on Board of Public Works Rejecting Gov. Hogan’s School Funding Cuts

“We can’t do more with less. We can’t close expanding gaps in equity with inequitable and inadequate funding. We can’t accept the governor undercutting the safety of educators and students by trying to defund public schools. We need to rise to the moment and give all students the support they deserve. Rest assured that educators will step up; we hope that our elected officials at all levels will do so as well," said Baltimore County elementary school teacher and Maryland State Education Association President Cheryl Bost:


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