Value of Membership

Protection. Support. Savings. Value. We’re here to help.

At MSEA, we know that your success means student success. When you join MSEA, along with the National Education Association and your local association, you gain access to a wide range of resources and assistance to support you in your job, as well as exclusive benefits and discounts to help you and your family.

Here are just some of the benefits of being an MSEA member:

  • Legal protection  
    A $1 million liability insurance policy protects you from false accusations.
  • Free Life insurance
    Up to $50,000 guaranteed life insurance through NEA Members Insurance Trust.
  • Professional support in negotiating salaries and benefits
    In addition to negotiating your local contract, the association offers expert assistance with workplace issues and job-related legal matters. Contact your local Uniserv director or your association representative at your building or worksite for more information.
  • Lobbying education decision-makers
    Our leaders, professional lobbyists, 39 local affiliates, and thousands of front line educators like you telling personal stories make MSEA one of the most effective and respected advocacy groups in the state. We lobby to protect school funding, improve salaries and benefits, address workload issues, and influence other key decisions affecting public schools.
  • Opportunities for career growth
    MSEA provides year-round professional development and leadership training opportunities for every member.
  • Exclusive benefits, discounts and savings
    Through NEA Member Benefits, you can sign up for money-saving home and auto insurance packages, plus complete financial services with investment, loan, and credit card programs. You also can access substantial discounts on your favorite products and services across the state and country.
  • Special member-only publications on your doorstep and at your fingertips
    Through MSEA’s ActionLine magazine, FrontLine and Learning Lounge e-newsletters, e-alerts, and other specialty publications, we keep you informed of the latest education news and trends, classroom tips and time-savers, Annapolis goings-on, and association events, trainings, and member savings and giveaways.


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