Hogan Proposes $88.9 Million in Cuts to School Programs

Wednesday, January 17, 2018
Steven Hershkowitz
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Today, Gov. Hogan released his Fiscal Year 2019 budget. His proposed Budget Reconciliation and Financing Act (BRFA) continues a record of cutting important public education programs, while expanding the failed BOOST program to subsidize private schools. 

Maryland State Education Association President Betty Weller released the following statement:

“Another year, another Gov. Hogan budget that follows the policy priorities of Betsy DeVos rather than Marylanders. While more than 70% of Marylanders want their leaders to fill the $2.9 billion in annual underfunding that public schools face, Gov. Hogan continues to ignore it while irresponsibly increasing his private school vouchers plan that overwhelmingly benefits students already in private schools.

“Although vouchers are opposed by majorities of Marylanders—including a plurality of Republicans—and research has shown them to be a failed experiment, the governor has again prioritized them while cutting $17.1 million this fiscal year and $88.9 million over the next five years in funding for after-school, teacher retention, and college readiness scholarship programs.”

Gov. Hogan’s budget proposals would cut $88.9 million over the next five years if adopted. At the same time, the governor’s budget proposes an increase to the BOOST private school voucher program from $5.5 million in FY18 to $8.85 million in FY19.



FY19 Proposed Cuts

FY20-23 Proposed Cuts

Quality teacher recruitment and retention grants

$5 million

$20 million

($5 million/year)

College readiness scholarships for low-income students (Next Generation Scholars)

$5 million

$20 million

($5 million/year)

After-school and summer programs (Public School Opportunities Enhancement Program)

$5 million

$15 million ($7.5 million in FY20 and FY21)

National Board Certification Teacher (NBCT) stipends

$2.1 million

$16.8 million ($4.2 million/year)


$17.1 million

$71.8 million

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