MSEA Applauds House Passage of Common Sense for Common Core Bills

Monday, March 17, 2014
Adam Mendelson
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Statement from Maryland State Education Association President Betty Weller:

“The House of Delegates has made huge strides over the last three days towards injecting some much needed common sense in Maryland’s implementation of Common Core. The House overwhelmingly passed three significant bills that have broad support among Maryland’s parents, educators, superintendents, and school boards:

  • HB 1167, which ensures that state standardized test scores aren't used in evaluations for personnel decisions for at least two years due to their misalignment and lack of validity.
  • HB 1164, which establishes a workgroup including educators and parents to improve the implementation of Common Core and PARCC, including the assessment of professional development and technology needs.
  • HB 1001, which creates an oversight process for any ESEA waivers that Maryland submits to ensure that they comply with state law. 

On the heels of the Senate’s near-unanimous passage on Thursday of SB 676, the Senate cross-file of HB 1167, Maryland legislators are recognizing that students and educators need time, resources, and flexibility to get the major changes taking place in our schools right.”

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