MSEA Statement on Gov. Hogan's Budget

Friday, January 23, 2015
Adam Mendelson
(410) 353-9689

The following statement can be attributed to Maryland State Education Association President Betty Weller:

"Larry Hogan campaigned on the need to change Maryland, but his budget shortchanges Maryland's students and schools. Gov. Hogan’s education cuts threaten the progress of our top-notch public schools, which are at the heart of what makes Maryland attractive to businesses and families. Gov. Hogan's $143 million in immediate school funding cuts—which are proposed to reoccur and compound to nearly $600 million in cuts over the next four years—would force students and schools to do more with less.

"Rather than meeting growing challenges, Gov. Hogan’s budget will lead to overcrowded classrooms, inadequate technology, and cuts to instructional materials, programs, and positions. This is not a 'no-layoffs' budget; these cuts will mean fewer teachers and fewer support staff in our schools. We stand ready to work with Gov. Hogan and the General Assembly to protect the funding in the budget and reverse these harmful budget cuts."


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