MSEA Statement on Gov. Hogan's Private School Voucher Proposal

Tuesday, December 13, 2016
Steven Hershkowitz
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Annapolis, Maryland — This afternoon, Gov. Hogan proposed doubling funding for the BOOST program, his Trump-like initiative that sends taxpayer money from public schools to private schools. 

MSEA President Betty Weller, a middle school science teacher, released the following statement:

"According to independent experts, Maryland’s public schools currently have $2.9 billion less than what they need to help every child succeed. Our kids rely on strong neighborhood public schools to prepare them for a college education and stable career—and we have a moral obligation to fill those equity gaps.

"That’s why Maryland educators are deeply frustrated by Gov. Hogan’s proposal to drain twice as many resources from our public schools to subsidize private schools. The governor’s alliance with President-elect Donald Trump—who has proposed the idea of using $20 billion in taxpayer money for private school vouchers—on privatizing our public schools should be alarming to every Marylander who believes in the importance of public education.

"We urge the General Assembly to eliminate the wasteful BOOST program—which has already taken $5 million from public schools to subsidize private religious schools—and stand squarely on the side of our public schools.” 


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