MSEA statement on MSA scores

September 23, 2013

MSEA President Betty Weller: “There's a huge disconnect between these scores and the hard work that educators and students did during this past school year. These scores reflect the deep and problematic misalignment between what students are taught and how they're being tested, which will continue for at least the next school year. Right now, the MSA is just not providing valuable information for how children are doing or how we’re doing as educators. This disconnect underscores the need to make sure that there are no high stakes attached to student test scores  in teacher evaluations until the tests are valid, tested, and fully aligned with the curriculum taught.”

President Weller was also recently quoted in the Baltimore Sun: "I would like to see states step up and say, "Wait a minute, is this really the right thing to do? Is it good to spend money on tests that aren't aligned and aren't going to give us the information we need? We remain opposed to giving the MSA next year."

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