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Cheryl Bost Becomes MSEA President


“The truth is, public schools have been a foundation of upward economic mobility for many Maryland families—including many low-income families—but not yet for all of our families. If I can accomplish anything as president of Maryland’s educators union, I want to help deliver on the promise that every student has an equal opportunity at success in our schools," said Bost.

Hogan Partisan Alert: Educators Blast Gov. Hogan’s Veto of Bipartisan Bill to Put Teachers, Parent on State School Board


“It’s the very definition of common sense that teachers should be at the decision-making table when developing policies that affect our students. But not only has Gov. Hogan failed to appoint a single Maryland teacher to his Board of Education, he has now actively blocked bipartisan legislation to make it happen. Gov. Hogan is sending a very clear message: He doesn’t believe teachers should have a voice in decisions about our schools, students, and profession," said MSEA President Betty Weller.

Maryland Educators Endorse Ben Cardin for U.S. Senate


“At a time when Donald Trump and the Congressional Republicans want to privatize education and dismantle our public schools, educators need our friend Ben Cardin back in the Senate now more than ever. Marylanders need a strong defender of our rights—that’s exactly who Ben has been and that’s exactly who he’ll continue to be," said MSEA President Betty Weller.

Maryland Educators Endorse Frosh for Attorney General


“Attorney General Frosh has been an incredible partner for educators and public schools. We look forward to continuing our work with the ‘People’s Lawyer’ to stop school privatization, uphold student protections, and defend workers’ rights for another four years,” said MSEA President Betty Weller.

Maryland Educators Endorse Jealous for Governor


“Our children need a new Maryland Promise that no matter their neighborhood, the state will make sure there’s a strong public school in their community. Ben Jealous is the candidate with the values, the vision, and the coalition-building skills to make that promise a reality," said MSEA President Betty Weller.

Nation's Report Card: Maryland’s Underfunded Schools Show Flat Student Scores


“Right now, the average school is underfunded by $2 million every year. It’s time for Maryland to renew its promise to every family that the state and counties will fully fund your neighborhood public school. We will not deliver equal opportunity to every child, and we will not rise back to the top of these rankings, until we pass a new state funding formula that closes our $2.9 billion annual funding shortage," said MSEA President Betty Weller.

MSEA Statement on Fix the Fund Act Passage


“We applaud the General Assembly for taking the first step in making a new Maryland Promise to every family, in every community, that the state will fund a strong public school for their children. We now turn our focus to ensuring bold recommendation from the Kirwan Commission, a YES vote on the Fix the Fund ballot question in November, and the passage of a new school funding formula in the 2019 General Assembly session that comprehensively addresses our annual funding shortage," said MSEA President Betty Weller.

St. Mary’s Educators Statement on Great Mills School Shooting


“We are heartbroken that gun violence in schools has now touched our community, and we pray for the full recovery of the students who were shot. Simply put, it is devastating that for the students of Great Mills, their memories of school will now include this traumatic day. We are resolved to provide all the support and comfort we can to our colleagues and neighbors in the Great Mills community while we work together towards a day when no school community ever has to experience this type of tragedy," said EASMC President Jill Morris.

Goucher Poll: Maryland Underfunds Public Education, Say 71% of Residents


“Parents and educators know the truth about how underfunded our schools have become in the last decade. The time for budget gimmicks and temporary fixes must end. The 2018 elections will be a referendum on the question of: who is ready to pass a comprehensive plan to provide our schools and students with the funding they truly need?”

MSEA Calls for $364 Million Supplemental Budget for Schools


"It took four legislative sessions, but today the governor finally admitted that our public schools have billions of dollars in unmet needs. The truth is, Gov. Hogan has used the Education Trust Fund shell game gimmick to shift $1.4 billion away from education during his time in office. There’s some real hypocrisy in proposing legislation to make you do something you’ve refused to do on your own. If the governor really thinks this promise should no longer be broken—as he’s done four times—then he should send down a supplemental budget this year for public school funding that equals the difference between the increase in education funding ($139 million) and the amount of revenue raised into the Education Trust Fund ($503 million). That comes out to $364 million.”


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